Challenge #8

We have had a bit of a break lately, but we are back on track and hope to be doing our challenges once a week again.

This week i set the Challenge and this is what i cam up with.

This card challenge is to be inspired by the nursery rhyme
“Ring, a ring o’ roses,
A pocket full o’ posies”

Since setting this challenge i have been told the meaning behind the rhyme and all the sick kiddies.

But i still saw past the sad sick part and could only imagen little girls playing in the park, flowers in there hair and skipping around in a circle laughing and enjoying the summer sun light.

So my challenge this week was inspired by summer colours and flowers. I hope you like my tri- fold card. I enjoyed making this so much i actually made 2 ūüôā



Well that’s it from me folks

Happy Creating,

Carmel ‚ô•


Challenge #7

This weeks Challenge was set by Lis ūüôā

Make a wedding invite for the wedding of John Smith and Jane Brown.
That is the only rule, anything else goes.

I’m glad¬†I¬†got this¬†finished on time, I’ve¬†not been feeling very well this week so getting into it was a struggle. But I’m done, hooray…

I was looking forward to getting creative¬†and making something different… maybe bright and unusual¬†but¬†I¬†ended up working with silver and white hehe¬†This¬†card was heavily inspired by a beautiful wedding invite I¬†got this year from my gorgeous friends Jeni & Clint.


 Well this is the end product, i hope you like it!!

You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

Happy creating my friends, Carmel ‚ô•

Challenge #6

Ok challenge number 6 was very interesting!!

You must make a 3D project
The only specification I have is that it must be for Father’s Day!

¬†I love doing 3D projects yet i¬†really struggled with this one! I think maybe because it was for a male. I love doing the 3D picnic¬†baskets, butterflies and any other pretty things. But i¬†think i¬†done ok. I decided i¬†would give this to my dad. It represents a male by being every little boys dream shiny¬†red cart. To top it off it’s full of treat boxes¬†filled with Caramel Dove¬†chocolates and Peanut M&M’s.

I used my Score-pal and a score-pal design.¬† Here goes… hope you like it ‚ô•


Challenge #5

Ok here we go, I set the challenge this week

Challenge #5
Blind card challenge.

1 x piece of white cardstock
2 x pieces of patterned papers
1 x length of ribbon
1 x journalling spot ( like a tab cut or punched to stamp a greeting on)
1 x stamps and inks
1 x Paper piercer or needle and ink pen (to faux stitch)
Mix of embellishments

1. Trim the cardstock to 30cm x 13cm and fold in half to create a vertically opening card.
2. Cut one of the patterned papers to 14cm x 12.5cm and the other patterned paper to 14cm x 8cm and stick both to the front of the card.
3. Create a faux stitch border along the edge of one of the patterned paper.
4. Tie a ribbon to the front of card
5. Attach a cluster of embellishments to the right hand side of the card.
6. Stamp a sentiment onto the journalling spot and attach it to the card, either on top of or under the embellishments, using foam tape.
7. Add a further embellishment to the journalling spot.
8. Add another embellishment to the left hand side of the card.

I made my card while Lis was over on Sunday, lucky because I kept forget to read the challenge and to put things in the correct spot. But Lis was on to me and I ended up doing what I was asked to do lol

I found it a little bit hard to get a good photo of this card. Hope you like my simple but effective card ‚ô•

Challenge #4

Challenge #4

You must complete a 12×12 scrapbook page
use 1 photo only
must use stamp set “A happy heart” from Stampin’ Up!
use at least 1 patterned paper
use 1 piece of ribbon
& at least 3 bling rhinestones

I have always enjoyed doing cards and 3D projects but the more scrap pages i do the more i feel comfortable! I’m starting to really enjoy the challenge each photograph presents. I really enjoyed doing this project. It didn’t turn out how i wanted it but i’m still happy!! Great challenge!!

P.S Note to self rolled paper takes forever………………….

Challenge #3

Challenge 3!
Make a card, using blue(any blue), black, 1 patterned paper and the Stampin’ Up!¬†Enjoy¬†Every Moment¬†stamp set.

When i¬†got this challenge i¬†was like cool i¬†got this one bagged….. yeah right sweet heart!!! I was lost lost lost. I really don’t want to show you this one!!!!!!!

I made a accordion¬†card using Stampin’ Up DSP and cardstock. The problem was i¬†black heat embossed on some blue cardstock. When i¬†cut the individual¬†letters out i¬†had to ink the edges. I was being lazy and used a ‘close by’ cheaper ink instead of my good quality¬†one. I learnt my lesson, the ink took forever to dry and i smudged it every where ūüė¶

But this is my very messy card challenge #3

I guess it shows we all have those weeks when creativity is pushed to its limits or keeping things tidy just doesn’t happen ūüôā

Challenge #2

Challenge #2 was a great challenge for me.

You have to complete a 8.5″ x 11″ scrap page
The theme of the page is ME! (Page has to be about you & noone else). You must use at least 2 patterned papers and there must be at least 10 words of Journalling on the page!

Wow it had to be about¬† ‘ME’ i¬†was freaking….. i¬†was thinking i need a skinny photo, no¬†a funny one, umm no¬†a natural one. I decided what better the a wedding pic to focus on ‘ME’.

I also find it hard to use more than¬†1 DSP and journalling¬†is tough, but I’ve come to love my end result.

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